Oct 15, 2012

Gaming for the Fun of it!

Fair warning: I'm going to get a little newbie gamer nerdy on y'all...

But first I'd like to tell you about how I have been really good at riding my bike to work like almost everyday, and I even rode this morning even though the weather was a little icky. But I forgot to wear a hat or a hood or rain pants, so when it turned into Oregon today (the sky opened up and the heavens let it rip, seriously) I got suuuuuper drenched. So I'd like you to do either or both of the following: a) be impressed by my diligence; b) feel sorry for me and bring me vegan hot coco. Also, is there such a thing? I need there to be such a thing. Oh, look, it's a chai with almond milk... ok I feel better.

Gamer Love will keep me warm
Anyway, I'm home and dry now, and it's time to get me settled in to some games! I'm going to play a bit of Chrono Trigger and stream it live just for you up on Twitch! Let's cross our fingers and hope a) that the stream works; b) that I don't utterly fail at this; and c) that this first storm of the season I am enjoying from inside my apartment does not lead to a power outage right in the middle of my game.

... let's hope.

I'm still pretty new to this whole video game thing. I started playing a little in college (and that wasn't that long ago, sheesh) with all my friends. I found a few games I really like: Maximo, Devil May Cry, God of War, Guilty Gear...

Dante from Devil May Cry <3 
I was never super serious about it... although when it came time to get my own console, I was dead set on the PS3 backwards compatible 80 GB, and I'm happy to say I still have it in perfect working condition (these babies are rare, man). But mostly, my PS3 was a nifty blu-ray player for all the blu-ray movies I don't watch, and a box that could stream Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and Vudu (I might have a TV problem, I'm not sure...)

And then I met my boyfriend, Caleb. Now, there are a lot of things I like about him and we won't get into all that and turn this into a gaggy smoosh fest. But one thing I do like about him is how much he is into his own things. Video games is a BIG one. When we first started dating, he was all about promoting his stream channel on Twitch (and I didn't even know what Twitch was). It turns out he and his friends all get together and play video games and they can stream it online. People can watch and talk to them in a chat from anywhere in the world (many of their viewers are from Europe, actually).

This is my doodle version of Caleb
A couple of weeks ago, they all held a huge marathon, where they all played all the Resident Evil games, including the newly released Resident Evil 6. It was a super mega hit of a marathon, lots of people loved it and we all had fun!

So now we're really excited to keep the momentum of the channel going and I've been recruited to play for the stream also. Caleb came over and set up all my gear and worked it out for me (after a few hiccups).

A drawing of the Resident Evil character, Claire.
I did this while I was sitting on my butt during the marathon...
ok, everyone was sitting on their butts...
Tonight, I'm going to play Chrono Trigger. It's an RPG, and I don't usually play RPGs (if you can tell from my favorite games list, I tend to play more hack and slash beat-em up where I kill things mercilessly). But, Chrono Trigger is one of Caleb's favorite games, and he asked me to try it... so trying it I am.

If you're able to tune in, I'd love the support while I will no doubt be wandering around the game world being very much lost and confused!

Here's to new things to try and saving up favors to cash in with your boyfriend in the near future (I'm thinking I'll make him play some Devil May Cry soon)!

<3 Jen (Discordia)

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