Nov 4, 2012

How to Understant Art - The Principles Strike Back

Part 2: The Principles of Art

So a Stormtrooper and a Sith Lord walk into an art museum and they have a lovely conversation about some art they see there... I'm not very good with jokes :/  But what I am good at is teaching people about how to access art and have a fun time with it. Really, I am, it's my job! So let's get on with it then.

Nov 3, 2012

How to Understand Art: A New Hope

Part I: The Elements of Art

If you are someone who approaches art museums or galleries with some trepidation, not because of your fear of echoing hallways and rough security guards, but rather because of your fear of not knowing what's going on and not being able to keep up with artsy-fartsy people who know about art, then fear no more! I shall rescue you from social discomfort in this small way and impart on you some simple ways to approach and not be intimidated by visual art.

Nov 1, 2012

GNW Marathon: Best of SNES

The Gamers Northwest are putting on another marathon coming up in December! In case you missed our last one (and when I say "our" I mean I ate chips and talked to the stream while everyone else played), we did a full run of (nearly) all the Resident Evil games and finished up with the latest installment, Resident Evil 6! Get all the info on that at the GNW blog and the Twitch Archives.

Now for our next trick, we will (all, including me) be playing classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System games - we're calling it the Best of SNES. The marathon will begin December 28th and wrap up nicely on the 30th, just in time to welcome in 2013.

I'm pretty excited about this marathon: for one reason, it's going to be really fun; and another, it's a good excuse to get in some gamerLove crafting and art! I'm planning on making crochet toys, painted glass, and fan art paintings, a little something for each game.

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

I LOVE the holiday season! For me it means traveling to visit my family in California, eating good food, relaxing and having fun! In my mind, today is the real start of the holiday season. I'll plan some trips to go to the outlets for present shopping (although I'm not big on presents, I'm big on shopping), and I'll make lots and lots of cookies.

Gosh, I love cookies. And there are few things as wonderful and warm gooey cookies fresh from the oven and a hot cocoa or cider (or something something alcoholic for us big kids). This season, I will be making one new cookie recipe every week and share the results with you!

Today, I bring you an ultimate holiday-y flavor of spices and pumpkin in one scrumptious cookie!