Hey, It's Jen!

I'm a girl in the Pacific Northwest who is very curious about all kinds of things. Discordia is my alter-ego in the world of the internet, she's my gamer tag and my artist handle. I'm a long time educator in science and art for kids of all ages, preschool to well beyond adulthood (I'm still learning a lot of things, myself). I also really like to play video games, you can watch me fumble around on my Twitch channel: twitch.tv/disc0rdia

In this blog, I share all my favorite yummy recipes, book reviews, DIY crafts, art, lesson plans and lots more. Poke around and check out some of my favorite gamer nerd cupcakes, funkadelic Luna Lovegood Slippers, and weird science projects!

<3 Jen

Want to get in touch? Email me at discordia.pink@gmail.com