Oct 13, 2012

Day 13 (Thirty-Day Vegan): Fast Food Breakfast

This morning, for reasons that will remain unspoken, I ran out of time and didn't make myself any breakfast :/ Ok, so maybe the reason I ran out of time is because I spent so much of the morning digging through my closet for boots and a cardigan that would go well with my new Shrödinger's Cat shirt... so maybe it's my fault, but come on, it's such a cute shirt*!

Whatever the reason I didn't get to make breakfast this morning, which is a big deal for me because I ALWAYS have breakfast, and I get super cranky when I can't have breakfast. So what does a girl do when she doesn't want to turn into hunger monster at the children's museum and she doesn't want to accidentally eat all her lunch before 10:00 am (again)? She goes fast food, that what she does. But then, the girl is also doing a month-long trial of being vegan, so that has to be considered here, too. Hmmmm... conundrum. Jamba Juice is the answer! I haven't been to Jamba in a long time because I've been making it a point to ride my bike instead of driving everywhere, and the only Jamba in our town is way out in the boonies (which I find weird since Eugene is such a super hippy-dippy place). Anyway, I decided to drive today to give my knees a break so I puttered on over to Jamba and ran into my next dilemma.
Sure, smoothies seem healthy, what with all the veggies and fruits that go into them. But there are other ingredients... lots of sugar and milk and soy that give Jamba that extra yummy edge. That being said, I'm not at all turned off by sugar, milk, and soy. In fact, I had a heck of a time staying on vegadventure this morning with the prospect of both eggnog and pumpkin spice options glowing in the window in front of me (suddenly Jamba Juice is a smoothie version os Starbucks, I guess). Even at a place that is all about earth-friendly options, nutritional values, and extra vitamin boosts, you still have to read ingredients and choose wisely to stay faithful to a vegan or low-cal diet. I did what I do best when I'm stuck with making decisions I'm not truly qualified for: I asked for help. Well, first I accepted a compliment from the girl at the blender who said she liked my shirt (because it's awesome). Then I asked the order taker what kind of vegan options there are on the menu. She gave me the run down: most of the drinks are made with sherbet or yogurt, which is where they get their milk content from. The solution is to order a drink that is all fruits. Luckily, there's a whole menu devoted to fruit-only smoothies, unluckily (but not surprisingly), the pumpkin spice and eggnog are not on it :( I ended up going with and Original size Strawberry Whirl. I also threw in a pack of Multigrain Fruit Crisps a) because I need to munch something to feel like I've eaten breakfast and b) out of pure curiosity... fruit crisps?
I've gotten good at label reading on the spot, so a quick check assured me of no animal products. These are SUPER high in fiber, which totally makes up for the 220 calories per pack. They're sweet and crispy, like those Tostitos multigrain chips (and now I'm making myself hungry all over again).

What's your favorite fast food breakfast? When you eat fast food, how much attention do you pay to nutritional value and ingredients?

*you can find the Shrödinger's Cat "Cat in the Box" shirt at Woot Shirt

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